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Marians Jazzroom, since 1992

Der Marians Jazzroom zählt zu den besten Jazzclubs der Welt. Im Dezember 1992 gegründet ist er bekannt für seine phänomenale Akustik sowie das ausgezeichnete Programm. Die auftretenden Musiker sind auf den grossen Bühnen der Welt zu Hause.

Das Konzertlokal  bietet Platz für 130 Gäste. Es ist ein Highlight, die Top-Stars der internationalen Jazz- und Blues-Szene in solch einem intimen Rahmen zu erleben. Das wichtigste Jazz-Magazin der Welt „Downbeat“ erwähnte auch in diesem Jahr den Marians Jazzroom als einzigen Schweizer Jazzclub.

Von September bis Mai werden von Dienstag bis Samstag pro Abend zwei Konzerte durchführt. Das Programm wechselt wöchentlich und beinhaltet Jazz, Gospel, Blues & Soul usw.

Interview with the musician of the week: Aaron Diehl

1. Aaron, what does Jazz means to you?
A lifetime of dedication to the rich (and complicated) heritage of American culture and the music surrounding it.

2.You're in the music business for quite a while. During this time - what has changed for you personally?   
The music business is constantly changing, for better or for worse. I try not to let the fluctuations in the industry disrupt my values as an artist and a human being. I still love playing music the way I loved it when I was 13. I may never have a passion for the music business.

3. How many weeks a year are you on tour – and away from home?
Maybe a few weeks a month on average. I enjoy the balance of traveling abroad and residing in Brooklyn. If I’m in New York too long, I become fatigued by the city. If I’m traveling, I’m usually ready to head back after 3 weeks or so. It’s a privilege living like this in this particular moment. If I have a wife and children at some point, those priorities will definitely change.

4. What is your relationship to Switzerland in general - and to Berne in particular?
They took a chance on me when I began building my career, and continue to bring “Up-and-Coming” artists to their club. They love the music, they love swing, and they always make you feel at home. Every time I see Marian Gauer she gives me a big hug, sits down with me for a few minutes, and asks me about what’s new, etc. Gestures like that go a long way.


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